RENAISSANCE meets Old School Hip-Hop

He has smiled of magazine covers all over the world, been interviewed by newspapers and accompanied by TV shows at work: RENE TURREK undoubtedly belongs to the Champions League of international graffiti art. Over the past two decades, he has changed the world of sprayers – and brought street art into the galleries. In his current creative phase, he combines masterpieces of art history, which he has specially produced by the world’s best copyists in Dafen, China, with elements of street art and breathes new life into the works of Modigliani, Rembrandt, Lichtenstein and others. Painted by hand and then individually sprayed over, each picture in this exclusive edition is unique.


If I plan too much, it will be nothing anyway.
That’s why I’m letting everything come to me in a relaxed way.

Urban art artist. Designer. Developer of new techniques, finishes and special effects. Border crosser. Art pioneer. Tinkerer. Perfectionist with laissez-faire. Mastermind. Free thinker. Lifeartist. Cross-painter:

René Turrek is all of these.

Whether on Ocean Drive in Miami or in the Empire State Building, on Marco Reus* headphones or Justin Bieber sneakers, whether portraits of Adriana Lima, Mark Forster or Robin Schulz, whether large or small canvases, whether tens of luxury cars bearing his artwork – René Turrek has left his signature around the globe. In terms of art, the Osnabrück native is at home in the wide world. Own exhibitions. Booked live act.
Guest and artist of Art Basel. Testimonial of Snipes. Artist of the biggest stars in the world. He stands for creativity parexcellence. Fire, water, earth, air… The elements are not only found in his artworks, no, he uses them partly also for the creation of these.
Can’t be done, doesn’t exist with him. So you will be surprised by the exceptional artist again and again: Classic meets totally modern, Oil or graffiti from the can, small on large. There are motifs that you would not expect, as well as the typical „street style“ or a combination of both.

Opposites that attract each other and through Rene’s interpretation create a whole.
Cool. Different. Typical René.